Smart Home Tech: 4 Simple Solutions for 2015

22:06 26 February in Products & Materials

As an innovative home builder in Austin, Texas, a city with a burgeoning tech industry, we make it a point to implement smart home systems and products into our new homes. This intelligent building connects our clients to their homes, making it an extension of themselves and their lifestyles. We’re always looking for the newest products we believe can help simplify our clients’ lives and save them time, hassle and money. Some notable past products that we’ve implemented have been the Roomba, Nest Learning Thermostats and Control 4 Home Automation. Here are four products we really like that are coming out this year (three are currently only available for pre-order) that are already creating some buzz in the industry and offer simple comfort solutions for your home.


SnapRays’ Guidelight

3-pack for $42, 5-pack for $65.00, 10-pack for $120

This is by far the simplest gadget on our list, but it was named one of the Best In Show at the 2015 International Builders Show. It is a plug-and-play replacement for a standard plug-in night light that can be installed in seconds, requires no wires or batteries, and frees up your outlets while providing illumination in the dark. To save power, the Guidelight includes a light sensor that automatically turns it’s super-efficient LED lights on in the dark and off in the light, and only draws 5 milliamps of power, costing you only pennies a year to operate.



$349.00 (Pre-order now for $299.00)

The Doorbird is a smart doorbell, and is one of my favorite gadgets on this list because it combines smart home automation with security in a simple way…it’s basically Skype at your front door. You can talk to visitors and open the door using your smartphone from anywhere in the world, so you’ll never miss another package delivery. You’ll even receive alerts by the built-in motion sensor which detects activity even if a visitor doesn’t press a button.

To even further protect yourself, you can purchase the BirdGuard for $199, which gives you another camera/speaker to place inside your home so you can see what visitors are up to once you let them inside. Imagine letting in the cable guy while you’re not home, only to find him perusing your home looking for valuables…with BirdGuard you can get on the speaker and scream, “Hey guy, quit touching my sh@t!” or just sound the 100dB built-in siren to scare him away. Overall I think this is a solid purchase just for the sheer entertainment value.



$360.00 (Pre-order now for $245)

These entrepreneurs brought home one of the biggest valuations every on Shark Tank when they sold 13% of their company for $750,000…the product? The Smart Vent! Basically this thing fits over your existing floor, ceiling and wall air vents and creates a balanced home temperature system by communicating with each other – as well as smart devices – to regulate airflow when needed to each room. They say that on average, homes have two to four rooms that are either too hot or too cold, and the Smart Vent creates an intuitive room-zoned system that proactively balances your home’s temperature without completely replacing your existing HVAC system. Right now they are working with best-in-class connected home platforms and will hopefully even work with systems like the Nest Learning Thermostat.



$199.00 per console (Pre-order pricing just ended)

The NuBryte is a touch-screen console that attaches to your existing switch panels, connects to your Wi-Fi and enables you to set home automation preferences throughout your home. You can set your lights to mimic the sunrise at your scheduled wake-up time, naturally signaling the start of your day. It can act as a subscription-free home security system that let’s you check on your home while you’re away, right from your smartphone, and can turn off your lights automatically when you leave your home. The NuBryte can also act as centralized family calendar that manages schedules, a household intercom, and an energy reporting system that monitors and informs you about your energy usage.

What are some of your favorite smart home gadgets? Let us know in the comments below!


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